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Here we offer you options to make your stay in Egypt as pleasant as possible

Mobile router for your Internet access with the whole family or friends

You can rent this device from us for the duration of your stay and are therefore independent of public Internet access.
Usually you have to exchange the SIM card of your home provider for a card from an Egyptian provider in order to be able to be active on the Internet at any time.
Not every smartphone offers the option of a dual SIM.
If everyone in the family wants access, it quickly becomes expensive.

Of course there is the possibility to share the internet with others from a smartphone using a hotspot.
However, the battery will be drained much faster and the performance of the smartphone will also deteriorate because the processor and memory are loaded more heavily.
This router is ideal here.

You only need a single SIM card with internet access and with this device up to 6 people can access the Internet, Facebook and other devices with a laptop or tablet.
The device is independent of power sources thanks to a built-in battery and offers a long range.

The price of the rent depends on the rental period.
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