Important information

Information on booking and for your travel arrangements

Here we would like to inform you about your booking with us, some special features about Egypt and your trip, which you should consider when planning your trip.


  • Book as early as possible
  • You have several options for booking with us
  1. By using the forms on our website
  2. By email
  3. WhatsApp
  4. or Facebook Messenger
  5. Telephone if you are already in the country

Notes on prices

  • All prices are in euros
  • The indicated prices are guide prices. Depending on the scope and effort of your further inquiries, higher costs may arise
  • We will give you the best possible price for some of our services on request

Payment terms:

  • You pay in cash after the trip
  • Payment can be made in Euros, US Dollars or Egyptian Pounds. Note the valid exchange rates.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your booking at any time.

  • If you cancel the booking or cannot start the trip
  • Please be fair and let us know in an appropriate manner.
  • Please contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp

When entering the airport

  • You can get the visa for Egypt at the airport counter in front of the passport control.
  • Guests from Germany can also enter with their identity cards. you also need a passport photo
  • The visa costs US $ 25 or in another currency according to the current exchange rate
  • You can purchase domestic SIM cards for your phone in the hall after the baggage claim
  • The drivers of our limousines await you in front of the terminal after the baggage claim – pay attention to the sign with our logo

Our services for you

  • Cold soft drinks during all trips
  • We are happy to fulfill special requests at short notice while driving

Some recommendations for your luggage for Egypt

  • Suitcase or travel bag
  • towels
  • Running shoes & sandals
  • Cotton clothes during the day (all seasons) and sweaters / warm jackets and trousers in the evening
  • Appropriate clothing and headgear when visiting a mosque (arms and legs covered)
  • Headgear (hat, cap)
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Small first aid kit with plasters, tweezers and your essential medication.
  • Chargers for your cell phones and electrical devices

What you don’t have to take with you

  • In Egypt, the usual European plug for electrical devices usually fits, an adapter is not required.
  • The mains voltage corresponds to the European standard
  • In most hotels and on cruise ships, there is usually a hair dryer in the rooms
  • If you have forgotten something, you can buy most of it for your daily needs while traveling.
  • The national currency, Egyptian pound (LE) can be exchanged better after entry at the officially valid exchange rate

We wish you a safe journey and a pleasant stay in Egypt.